Domestic Fool

Hey Jake, what'd you do this weekend? I'll tell you:

  1. Friday, I called in sane and ended up spending the day moving a sprinkler head and getting my sprinklers fired up. Sadly, I'm already well behind the Joneses as far as the green lawn competition goes. ;)
  2. In the evening I met up with Holzie and some folks from work for one of his many sendoffs. (He joined the Marines...)
  3. Saturday, I tried really hard not to die from the allergic attack I suffered after spending so much time in the Spring air Friday.
  4. Over the course of Saturday and Sunday, I worked on a pair of desks for our office.
  5. We also found a paint color for our office (so someday soon, we'll have to remove the desks we just set up in there).
  6. Did I mention allergies suck? Gotta say the Benadryl Dreams were entertaining, though.
  7. Caught up on seven or eight TiVo'ed episodes of Veronica Mars. I don't care if it makes me a girl; I love that show.
  8. I think I went to Home Depot four times over the course of three days.