Episode 10: Negroni

Jake and Lance dive into the Negroni, the Italian Stallion of the cocktail world. The also spend some time discussing Beyoncé, Prince, David Bowie and other topics. As they do.

Episode 9: Aviation

Jake and Lance spend time with the Aviation, a gorgeous blue floral gin drink. They may or may not do shots after that...

Episode 8: Sazerac

Jake and Lance explore the Sazerac, a classic cocktail from the great city of New Orleans. They also spend some time discussing booze and snack pairings.

Episode 7: Martini

In this episode Lance and Jake tackle the most classic of classics, the Martini. And yes, it's made with gin.

Episode 6: Amer dit Picon

Episode 5: Manhattan

Episode 4: Whiskey Sour

Episode 3: Hanky Panky

Episode 2: Martinez

Episode 1: Sidecar