10Spot: A Music Meme

Here's another Facebook meme... The instructions are: "Tag your friends and discover new music!"

1. Name a band or singer that you can't believe you used to love when you were young:

I was a big Top 40 fan until I went to college, so yeah... How about Milli Vanilli - I dug them for realz.

2. Name a band or singer that you hated when you were younger but now love:

AC/DC - There was one school bus that the driver let the kids in the back play AC/DC on a boombox every morning. I hated that bus then, but now I *love* those songs.

3. Now name one that truly stands the test of time, whether they still make music today or not:

How about a couple that come to mind because they do still make music today and they keep making really good stuff: Van Morrison and Tom Waits.

4. Name a song that you can't resist tapping your feet or fingers to whenever you hear it:

There have to be a million.... I'll pick Morphine's "Honey White" since they've been on my mind lately.

5. Name an album where you love listening to every single track:

The main example from recent times has to be Green Day's "American Idiot". Holy crap is that album good front to back!

I also actually love Jethro Tull's "Thick as a Brick". You should read about it on Wikipedia.

6. Band or singer you are so sick of that you wish you would never have to hear them again:

Madonna for personality reasons. Her music is actually fairly OK most of the time, but she's obnoxious.

7. Name a band or singer that your significant other/family loves, but you can't stand:

Probably something obscure from the 80s. Generally she just likes some things (Gwen Stefani) A LOT that I only like a little.

8. Your favorite cover song:

I'm a bit of a cover song freak - I even have an iTunes playlist of covers. Bill Janovitz (from my favorite 90s Boston band, Buffalo Tom) is doing an awesome series of covers on his blog. He does some great ones.

For favorite, though, I'll say the Arctic Monkeys doing Amy Winehouse's "You Know That I'm No Good". That's just killer.

9. Your favorite song or band, right this second:

I'm still stuck on the Avett Brothers and I just discovered Alice Russell.

10. If you've got a Pandora station to share with your friends, paste the URL here (Click on station name, go to "Edit Station Details" and grab the address from the top of the page). Or link to your fave music podcast:

I guess I can point you to my last.fm profile, if you do that sort of thing: http://www.last.fm/user/JakeSutton

For podcast, Bob Boilen's "All Songs Considered" podcast is responsible for me finding all kinds of new music: http://www.npr.org/templates/rundowns/rundown.php?prgId=37&agg=1