Hypersensitive Much?

I have some friends who are of Irish descent, and I come from mostly Scottish roots myself. I seldom pass up a chance to rag on the English for historical misdeeds perpetrated on my Celtic ancestors. That said, though, I have to call bullshit on all the uproar caused by Ben & Jerry's naming a flavor "Black & Tan". They were just copying the name of a drink, ferchristsakes. And don't give me the "half & half" nonesense. For one thing, it's a different drink, and more to the point, most people wouldn't recognize that name as readily as they would "black & tan".

Yes, the Black & Tans of the 1920's were right bastards, but you know what? It's time to let go. Besides, before it was a drink and before it was a nickname for the Royal Irish Constabulary Reserve Force, a "black & tan" was a dog.