T-Minus: 25 days

(I honestly considered saving this post until tomorrow so the title could say 24....) I can't even tell you how super-psyched I am about the return of 24. The idea of a two-part, four hour premiere makes me need a change of underwear.

Despite my love for the show (and my man-crush on Mister Kiefer -- whose birthday is today... how about that?), I have heretofore avoided purchasing the DVD sets for the past four seasons. Now, though, I read this:

This loaded 7-disk set includes the ground-breaking Season 5 Prequel bridging seasons 4 and 5 shot on location exclusively for the DVD.

Well, shit.

It'll have to wait until after the Saturnalia, but I may have to consider grabbing it before the January 15 premiere...

------ Bonus: Top 30 Random Facts about Jack Bauer (I love these things.)