CL350 -- Rear Tire: Sorted

Yesterday evening, instead of handing out candy to children, I went over to Erik's so we could try to change the rear tire. I had ordered some riduculously cheap (but reportedly perfectly acceptable, quality-wise) Chinese tires, which arrived early last week. Between then and now we've had far more pressing things to do after work and over the weekend, so this is our firt time to give it a shot. I'd be lying if I said we weren't a little worried. We had replaced the tube in the old front tire back when we first got started, and it was an unholy mess. Worst part about the whole ordeal was the slow leak went ended up with.

So this time we were working with fresh rubber instead of 30-year-old crusty tires. We had also been tipped to use some soapy water or something to lube the bead a bit and help it get over the rim. That worked like a treat, let me tell you!

So now we've got a new patch of rubber on the rear. The front is next.