Well, here we go. I'm obviously inches away from going tattoo crazy again. What's pushing me over the edge? Well, let me tell you:

  1. Right this second, the impetus for ths post is Needled, a newish tattoo-focused blog edited by a super-hot redhead with rilly kewl tats. The first post I found was this one on tattoo and copyright - something about which my opinions are mostly unformed, yet substantially mixed.
  2. I've also been picking ups some books recently (mostly for picture gazing, but there's some interesting history in there).
  3. The National Geographic Channel has aired a couple shows recently about tattoos.
  4. I caught the first episode of Miami Ink -- It's pretty good. (Also caught Inked -- Not so good.)
  5. My coat of arms is really bugging me. It healed rather crappily and is in dire need of touch up. But I'm not content to do just that, no. I want to extend it so that it wraps my whole forearm. Yay!
  6. I've also been working on a drawing for a dagger, which will go on my other forearm.
  7. Then there are the dozen or so other ideas I have in mind....
  8. I'm even having ideas for other people. My motorcyle cohort Erik says he wants and anchor and I have a killer idea for one that would suit him perfectly.

I need more money...