Hello Hockey!

Matt and I are in full blown hockey talk mode for the first time in over a year. (That is, when we're not pondering who would win in the Thunderdome: Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson. It's just not very often you get "But the aliens can't help you in the Thunderdome" and "He can't swing a chainsaw like he used to" in the same conversation.) This upcoming season is already exciting us to no end. We've got rule changes to discuss (We agree almost all of them are Good Things -- Especially the shootout.). We've got (former?) powerhouse teams buying out big-name players as they shake things down to fit under a new salary cap and move the league to a new level of parity. Conversely, our Avalanche are holding on to Joe Sakic and Rob Blake (Yay!), but the fate of Adam Foote is yet to be determined and Peter Forsberg is all but gone (Boo!). We've also got a new head coach we're excited about here in Denver. The Avs are also rolling back ticket prices 20% -- Nice!

There are so many player moves going on, that there's no telling who will be the teams to beat until September.

That's actually kind of fun!