More on Da Kine

The news is good. First, from Kin-Shay:

2005-03-16 UPDATE - Courtney just called, she just spoke with CPT Rivera, the military laison to the civilian hospital. Shane is awake and speaking. We are not sure what he is saying, but his nurses described him as a “feisty young man.� CPT R is on his way to the hospital now to visit Shane. More updates to follow…

At first, I was worried Shane might be confused enough to default to one of the other languages he speaks. He'd have a hard time getting water from a nurse if he asked for it in Latin or Romanian... Luckily, Kin Yah Brutha adds some detail in the Soxaholix comments:

hey guys, da kine is out of the drug induced coma two days early and spoke to his wife this morning. he is speaking in complete sentences, but is still a little confused. ever the master of understatement, he said, "i seem to have been in a bit of an accident."

That's our boy!