Tonight's Negroni #2: Man Cycle or Mercury?

FYI: This is an archive of my Tonight's Negroni email newsletter.

I don't know about you, but my emotions have been all kinds of wibbly-wobbly lately. 

If I held any stock is this sort of claptrap, I'd go ahead and blame a tiny planet far away, close to the sun. But supposedly that only started a week ago, and I've been on this roller coaster for over three weeks. 

Maybe I should just attribute it to shaving my beard off on the first of the year... Sure that works! Let the season of anti-crybaby beard regrowth commence! 

No, it's not a Negroni, but it's in the same tradition as a Boulevardier. As far as I know, it's just something I improvised, but it may be very close to something that already exists and has a clever name.
Typically this would be the sort of drink you would stir with ice and strain into a nice cocktail glass with an orange twist to garnish.
Instead, I strained it over a big ice cube in a whiskey glass.

Now stop looking at me. No, I'm not crying.

(Oh, and I've confirmed that I named my Suze-based Negroni variation "Citrine".)