@simianista Monkey Revolution Dispatches for 2009-07-13

  • 5000+ evacuate from England's Chester Zoo when ~30 hungry chimps escaped their pen to raid the fridge. http://is.gd/1paPZ #monkeyrevolution #
  • Mura's saddleback tamarin - new monkey sub-species discovered in the Amazon rain forest: http://is.gd/1qi9s #monkeyrevolution #
  • Video: Alcoholic Vervet monkeys in St. Kitts steal your fruity drinks! Thieving bastards!! http://is.gd/1r9Xt #monkeyrevolution #
  • RT @savetheorang: Another day, another rescue - all in a day's work for the BOS NM team: http://bit.ly/m2Zp1 #
  • 3 baby Proboscis (aka: Jimmy Durante) Monkeys debuted to the public this week in Indonesia's East Java: http://is.gd/1u9E2 #monkeyrevolution #

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