Would any of Christian Bale's film characters be a good lay? Probably not.

3:10 To Yuma: Unexpressive. Plays things close to the vest. Grim. Secretly defensive with too much to prove. Might open up in private and might consider decent cocksmanship another sign of his must-be-proven-constantly manliness, but also might consider foreplay a sign of weakness. Thumbs down.

Cocksmanship is the word of the day, kids.

This of course leads us to the proverbial "List" that we like to pretend we are all allowed to keep. The List specifies the celebrities that your partner is supposed to let you frolic freely with, should you ever get the chance. Of course, the only thing that even lets The List exist is the fact that you will never get that chance. In fact, I know someone who had a particular vixen removed forcibly from his List because he'd actually met her in person once. This brings the game too close to reality. No good.

I don't actively maintain my list, but I like to keep a fuzzy idea of who might be on it for when the barroom conversation turn that direction. I have to say, though, that the glut of celebrity gossip sites (coupled with the fact that I know a couple people in the film industry who like to tell me "Oh, she's a total bitch and she has some kind of weird skin fungus." when I bring up someone I'd totally take a run at) is kind of ruining the whole notion of The List. None of these people are nearly as perfect as they used to seem and that's just no fun.

Now that I've built it up so much, I'm balking on the idea of typing out my List. It's a fluid, ever-changing thing... I'm reticent to nail it down.

How 'bout you go first?


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