Leopold's Gin

My friends, allow me to introduce you to Leopold's Gin, a small batch distillation that will make any gin lover happy.

Leopold's GinFirst, it is an American Gin. Master Distiller Todd Leopold handcrafts every batch in a small 40-gallon copper still, blending uniquely American botanicals like hand-zested Florida Oranges and California Pummelos. These components lend citrus notes to the gin, and help distinguish American gins from their English counterparts.

It truly is a bit different, but positively delicious. One friend said, upon tasting a sample: "It tastes like Christmas!" My response was that The Wife said that about all gins, but he rejoindered that it was more than that and that he detected hints of candy canes and mistletoe (or some such nonsense -- I was blootered at the time, to own the truth). It's nowhere near as "different" as Hendricks with it's cucumber-infused flavor, which is how I found Leopold's in the first place -- they were side by each on the shelf at my local Total Beverage.

Last night, I put the gin through its paces by sampling a G&T and a martini and both were remarkably tasty. We followed that with a Hendricks & tonic and were slightly disturbed by the fact that we actually craved more afterwards. We abstained, however, as it was bedtime on a school night. I'm happy to report no ill effects this morning (aside from the usual case of the Mondays).

Treat yourself sometime. You will be pleased, I guarantee.