Walk for Danes

My mother is turning into a crazy cat lady... Except it's with Great Danes. The truth is she's gotten involved with the local Great Dane rescue and has ended up adopting a couple and fostering a couple. That's a whole lotta dog for one house. My dog, Mingus, doesn't much care to visit Grandmama's house anymore. ;)

The point of the post, though, is that she's gotten more involved in a professional capacity. Just one of those involvements is fund raising:

So, I've been busy, busy, busy with the whole Dane Rescue thing, and we are planning a dog walk in Cherry Creek State Park sometime in September. We're looking for corporate sponsors, t-shirt donors, pledge collectors, contributors to a silent auction, and of course walkers. If you have any contacts that might be able to help on any front, let me know.

So, let me know if any of you fine people can help in any way.