A *little* less Santorum in the Senate

So, it looks like the Blues (Have the parties always been denoted by the same colors, or is this a recent, TV-news-map-on-the-wall-influenced thing?) managed to waltz in to control both the House and Senate after voters told the nation, "Hey! These people suck! I'm voting against them!!" Is this a "national referendum" of some sort? Does it signal a major shift in the political landscape of the nation? Hardly.

As Steven Colbert so adeptly points out, the only thing this signals is a shift in who gets to blame whom for all of our problems. Even if the Dems actually wanted to "cut & run" (the Neo-Cons have great PR and marketing minds working for them, you have to admit) in Iraq, it's next to impossible. So, come 2008, who's going to be out there saying "Look at this effed up war we're in, people!" while pointing fingers? Likely both sides. We'll see who it actually makes it work for them, I guess.

I'd say the best news to come out of this election is the fact that "santorum" will soon be nothing more than a nasty slang word.

Unfortunately, my home state tacked up a big "No Queers Allowed" sign... It boggles me, but at least I did my part.