Derby Girl Press

There's a great feaure on our Rocky Mountain Rollergirls in the Coloradoan: Rollergirls ready to make their own thunder in the Rockies

Practice also includes learning to get up quickly using just the legs. Hands just get squished under a passing skate if they hit the rink, explained Fifi, an accountant who's been with the league for only a month or so but said she has already learned this very important lesson, wiggling five of her digits.

That's right - Fifi's an accountant. Underneath the tattoos, piercings and fishnets are court clerks and business owners. Not exactly what you'd expect of a "derby chick."

Icy U Hurtin' is a Loveland trauma nurse and mother of four. Lucky 7 is a business development specialist with Turner Media Group. And Gwen A. Flattenya' is an attorney.

There's some weird overlap with a different story at the end, I think... Nevertheless, it's good stuff. I think this is at least the second story I've seen in which the Rollergirls have basically adopted a female reporter, resulting in a glowing review. It's totally infectious, I guess. ;)