Canon Rock

Have you seen the YouTube video of the kid ripping up Pachelbel’s Canon on an electric guitar? It's worth the five minutes if you haven't. The NY Times figure it was worth a bit more than that and actually tracked down the guy that did it.

Guitar fanatics are perplexed: “How the hell does he gets his harmonics to sound like that?� Some praise specific components of the performance, including the distortion, the power chords or the “sweet outro.� Overall a consensus emerges: This guy iz great.

“I’m shocked at how much you rock,� one fan said. “Funtwo just pure ownz the world,� said another. “Somebody just beat JerryC at his own song,� tinFold44 said. Carrie34 gushed, “funtwo’s version makes me want to hold up my lighter and *hug* my inner child! :)�