Homework Motivation

I have a shit-ton of projects I would like to do around the house. This is a (probably partial -- I'm a little crazy...) list, which I am posting now to maybe force myself to get moving on at least one.

  • Sand & stain the deck (This is must this year!).
  • Fiddle with the new front door handle so that it's "right".
    • Re-key the new garage door handle so that it matches the front door.
  • Tile office floor (slate or something similar).
  • Tile the mudroom (slate or something similar) -- perhaps extend this to the kitchen door way and the top of the stairs.
    • Build cabinets, etc. for the mud room.
  • Replace master bath carpet (Carpet in a bathroom is icky!) with cork tiles.
    • Reconfigure the walk-in closet.
  • Build a console/cabinet/printer stand to go between the new desks in the office.
  • Build a dresser/chest of drawers for The Wife.
    • Finish my dresser.
  • Replace the kitchen "desk" with actual cabinets.
    • Replace counter tops.
  • Get wood flooring installed in the living room and dining room.
  • Do a bunch of stuff in the guest bath.
    • Tile floor.
    • Build storage.
    • Replace counter top.

Obviously a few of these involve large amounts of cash and hiring professionals, but 90% of it is stuff I can/want to do myself. I just need to get to work is all...