Baboon Squatters

Baboons move into S. African beach homes

Unruly gangs are raiding the expensive homes that line the spectacular coast of South Africa's Cape Peninsula, clearing out pantries, emptying fridges, and defecating over the designer furnishings.

It's baboon versus human in a string of wealthy ocean-front communities 30 minutes from the trendy center of Cape Town, a top tourist destination.


George is one of the biggest baboons in a troop of about 20, an adult male weighing some 110 pounds. He yawns languidly, displaying wickedly curved canine teeth.

"If you think how easily a baboon could rip a person apart, the fact that they don't is quite remarkable," Trethowan said.

Um... Gee. How lucky we are not to be torn assunder by the beasts we allow to live in our luxury neighborhoods.

Yeah, I get that.