Hey man, nice sack!

Hi. My name is Jake, and I have an unhealthy obsession with messenger/shoulder bags. (Hi, Jake.) Luckily, though, I generally don't allow myself to purchase all the man-bags I think I want. In fact, until recently I've been kicking the same made-for-squares Eddie Bauer model since midway through college (more than a ten year run!). I did finally decide I needed to get something new a few months ago. The brother-in-law got a particularly swank bag (that I had already been eyeing, in fact) for his birthday while we were visiting in September, so I followed that lead, purchasing a Manhattan Portage Dana (Medium).

The bag is pretty bomb-proof with its heavy duty Cordura and "waterproof" vinyl lining. It has slightly odd proportions, though, and I don't really carry that much stuff on a day-to-day basis, which makes the bag seem even more wonky. This plus the fact that the auxiliary pocket arrangement doesn't meet my nigh-impossible-to-meet desires has made living with the bag less than optimal so far.

So, of course, I'm looking at other options. Currently the front-runner in my "I can't rationalize this purchase, but I'll do the shopping anyway" comparisons is the Chrome Citizen. It seems to have the more typical messenger bag shape plus a padded shoulder strap and a sweet little seat belt buckle detail. The main detail I use to talk myself away from the "Add to Cart" button is the extra pocket arrangement again. The Chrome bag seems to have even fewer options than the Manhattan Portage offering I already own -- this is so important to me because I simply must be able to separate and arrange my bag contents as I see fit.

'Tis a conundrum. One upon which I doubt I will act. I'll probably continue to window shop for at least another year or more...

Just thought I'd share. ;)