God Bless the Socialized North

Good news for inmates who aren't already tattooed

"The program has advantages in that we can take a practice that already occurs, and make it safer," said Holly Knowles, a spokeswoman for Correctional Services Canada. "We're trying to reduce the amount of make-shift needles."

Isn't that nice? Now the boys in the joint can get their prison tattoos without fear of infection. Yay!

I wonder if the authorities will try to censor content at all.

Oh, and since when are Canadian dollars almost neck and neck with US greenbacks?!

Prisoners are allowed a one-hour controlled session with an inmate tattoo artist for C$5 (US$4.25).

Wasn't it almost two-to-one a couple years ago? Looks like the Loonie has been on the rise as of late, while the green stuff has generally been sliding. So much for that "act like a millionaire gansta" vacation to Canada, eh?