Life in the Hotbox

Today, the Wife and I went to our new local Bikram Yoga joint for a little sweat lodge calisthenics. Hezzy had done this sort of thing sometime last year and she really liked it and got really good results from it. Given that, we were excited to have a school right around the block from us. All I can say is: HOLY CRAP is it hot in there! It being my first time, I did a lot of sitting or just standing there instead of trying to stand on one foot with my other foot tucked up my arse. H tells me it took her a few classes before she could get through the whole thing, and one of the other guys in the class congratulated me for staying in the room for the whole class, so I guess I did alright.

Unexpected benefit to sweating five pounds of water onto a beach towel: My skin is unbelievably soft and smooth. (Yes, I'm a girl. Thanks.) My fingers were actually pruned up by the time we finished the standing exercises.