Catching Up

I've been in nose-to-the-grindstone mode at work lately with a project I classify as superultramegaubercrazy-high priority. It's kind of fun, though, so no complaints there. In the real world, we had one of our Sutton Family Sunday Dinner parties, which rocked the house. About twenty folks came over to partake of brined turkey, lasagna, pork roast, and a veritable cornucopia of delectable delights. I enjoyed a couple glasses of Matt's Versinthe, but both The Wife and coworker Sarah hold suspicions regarding the effects of the tiny tastes they had. Perhaps the thujone conflicts with the female disposition... ;)

So, what's going on in the world? Let's see...

  • "We do not torture." -- But we'd rather not make any promises.

    Over White House opposition, the Senate voted 90-9 last month to approve an amendment by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., that would ban the use of torture. Vice President Cheney has pushed for an exemption for the CIA.

  • France is in nationwide turmoil, but I guess that's not entirely new.

    France was slow to react to the spreading violence set off by the accidental deaths of two youths on Oct. 27, in part because the initial nights of unrest did not seem particularly unusual in a country where an average of more than 80 cars a day were set on fire this year even before the violence.

  • An Amish village in Minnesota has a polio problem. Thus man’s faith is rewarded.
  • In Bosnia, we get an illustration of the fact that hot potato is an extra dumb game if the potato has a blast radius.

OK, good. Still the same crazy world.