More Tattoo Stuff

Highlights from Needled (which anyone with any interest in skin+ink should read daily):

  • To Die For Clothing -- T-shirts and other fun kit with designs by actual tattoo artists.
  • [NOT SAFE FOR WORK] -- BellaVendetta seems sort of like SuicideGirls, except with more of a fetish angle ("Every shoot I do is like an entire art project. Today, we will be exploring zombie clown porn. Every aspect of it is an art." - The italics are mine.), male models ("I want to get many more boys. It's funny because pornography is such a male dominated business, yet, I have the hardest time getting boys naked. They're all so self conscious."), and perhaps less drama.
  • The World of Tattoo -- An encyclopedic book on tattoo. Apparently filled with trivia like: Catherine The Great had incredibly obscene tattoos, which she believed increased her sexual attractiveness.
  • Inked Magazine -- A glossy tattoo magazine? I got my subscription. Did you?
  • Coast Guard tightens rules on tattoos -- One of the guys in my motorcycle class was an Air Force recruiter. He told me I could still get into officer training at my age with my Aerospace Engineering degree and technical career background. He said the ink would be a problem, though. I told him no worries. ;)