The Honda CL350 Saga (A Continuation)

So last night Erik and I replaced the taillight lens and all of the "winker" lenses. Man, is it ever nice to get rid fo all that cracked plastic! We also replaced the rear/passenger footpegs with sparkly new ones and re-mounted the main footpegs and side stand (mostly -- we're missing one bolt), which required some adjusting to the shift lever and rear brake lever so that everything had proper clearance. It's really gone beyond the "hey, that thing looks like a motorcycle" stage at this point.

Next we have replacement air filters coming via eBay as well as a new (or at least "not destroyed like the one we have now") headlight bucket that Erik ordered from the (apparently) famous Sac Cycle shop.

Oh, an I finally took my first spin on the thing once we had the pegs on it. Granted, I only went maybe 20 yards down the driveway, but at least I managed to pull a U-turn without dropping the bastard (Thank goodness for those damned box turns in my motorcycle safety class, eh?). Of course, this wasn't the maiden voyage for our little Scrambler, as Erik is so at home on motorbikes he could ride the thing without footpegs. Heck, I'm not even sure he needs handlebars.

It's not all good news, though. It's beginning to look like getting a title for this thing is going to be a royal pain in the arse. For one thing, the online version of the Kelley Blue Book doesn't even think the bike exists! And that's a fairly minor detail in the entire process. As Erik told it: "I went down to the DMV and told them that I have a bike that I've rebuilt and that I need to get a title for it... And they looked at me like I was on fire."