Amina Munster: Redefining Beauty

I like SG because it shows that you don't have to conform to the blond bombshell standard of perfection to be beautiful, and Amina Munster truly exemplifies this. Amina is a gorgeous, heavily tattooed amputee who lost her leg and the tips of her fingers due to lack of circulation and oxygen after nearly drowning as a child. You can read more about her experience in her BME interview. Since her debut on Suicide Girls in 2002, she has never shown her missing leg in any of her photos. That is, until today.

Some knockout content at Needled (compare with the standard promo at INKEDblog, which has been a pretty steady letdown since I found it).

Of course, I had to forward the article on to my tattooist, Fish, who has been known to have a bit of an amputee fetish... ;)