Honda CL350 Update

I am happy to report that my buddy Erik and I made some happy progress on the CL350 over the weekend. First, we got the carbs cleaned and rebuilt -- We're just going to give 'em a shot as-is before we worry about replacing any jets or anything like that.

Then - in what felt like a major leep forward - we figured out the electricals. We were worried that the whole thing was dead and would require us to strip the entire harness to track down bad connections. As it stands, though, once we figured out the correct combination of switch positions, most things seem to work. The horn doesn't sound on just battery power, but we'll see if that changes when the motor is running. We're also not too sure about the electric starter, but we're not quite to the point where we feel the need to worry about that too much.

Yesterday, I put the gas tank and the seat back on and test-fit the carbs with the throttle cable and so forth. I also gave a shot at fitting the pipes back on, but that's a bit too unwieldy for a single pair of hands.

We have a handful of parts we will need to order from Honda soon in order to button the whole thing up (and then there are various parts, like broken light lenses, that need replacement for mostly cosmetic reasons, but those can come as they come), but it's really looking like a motorbike now.


Also worth noting (and somewhat exciting for me): I just signed up for the ABATE Basic Rider Course. So, at least I'm more likely to have my motorcycle endorsement before the Honda is road-worthy now. ;)