Chimps Are Sheep

Copycat chimps are cultural conformists

The team taught two female chimps how to get food out of a complicated apparatus using a stick. One learned to poke a barrier with the stick, and the other to lift the barrier with the stick. Then the chimps’ groups got to watch the new experts use their skills. When the rest of the groups were allowed to try their own hand at freeing the food, they followed the lead of their own expert chimp – the poker’s group preferred to poke and the lifter’s group tended to lift.

And then they called each other Comrade.

Really, I'm just posting this for the following paragraph:

Although the poke method was more effective – as shown by the fact that some lifters independently learned to poke – the majority of lifters-turned-pokers nevertheless reverted to their group’s original lifting strategy, conforming socially.

Hehe... Poke...