Another Tattoo Blog

I previously pointed you fine folks to Needled, which remains a steady read for me. However, one tattoo blog can't possibly be enough, so I'm happy to find INKEDblog:

INKEDblog takes you beneath the skin of today's tattoo culture. Our mission is to celebrate tattooing as a modern art form which incorporates art, fashion, style, and pop culture. While paying homage and respect to the past, we look to present a contemporary take on the present and future of skin art.

Take some time in the archives, there's some good stuff. One post points to this bit about rose tattoos and what the color of the flower might symolize, which I dig on since I'm planing a dagger/rose tattoo.


Oh, yeah, by the way... I'm spending some of my stock option payout on new ink this Saturday. Stay tuned. (Hint: It's not the dagger.)