Boston Reality

If you are at all curious about what blue collar Boston is really like, check out Firehouse USA: Boston on the Discovery Channel. Choice quotes (paraphrased):

  • "We got all these these wood construction triple-deckahs around heah -- We call them Irish Battleships..."
  • "We gotta check the airbags and stuff, cuz airbags'll go off and they'll break ya leg, they'll break ya head -- they'll kill ya..."

I need to work break ya head into more conversations.

The show lead to some contentious moments between The Wife and myself, however.

For one, one part of the show took place in a Rock Bottom Brewery and we were both kind of disappointed by the obvious shilling for a chain restaurant. The Wife tried to tell me that "That was the Sam Adams place, wasn't it?" to which I responded "What Sam Adams place? The words you are saying mean nothing to me..." So, she goes on to tell me that we had gone to a bar that only served Sam Adams brew, including specialty items not usually available at your local packie. I had (and still have) absolutely no recollection of ever setting foot in such a place, so we argued for a while questioning each other's mental capacities until finally I cracked saying, "I didn't even like it there, why would I retain that sort of detail?"

This, of course, is an overstatement. I have a lot of fondness for Boston, obviously. That said, New England and I really didn't mesh well. And so it goes.

(BTW: The Wife and I will be hitting Beantown in early August. Email for details, kids.)