More Limelight for the Miracle Boys

'Miracle' men of a lifetime

Twenty-five years later, the Boys of Winter are still just that in the American psyche. And every few years, it seems, we have to let them know. Although they have all grown up, raised families, and walked away from hockey, Eruzione, O'Callahan, Jim Craig, and Dave Silk don't mind being reminded that they were part of something great.

''I don't think there's ever been a day that I don't consider it a good fortune to have been a part of," Silk said.

The four guys from Boston University will receive a lifetime achievement award tonight at the FleetCenter during the Sports Museum's fourth Tradition ceremony. Other recipients have been Ted Williams, Red Auerbach, and the Kraft family. This kind of award, O'Callahan said, is the most precious of all.

Cool. I think the reason these guys never fade into the shadows is a confluence of the extraordinary effort they put in (not uncommon for Olympic sports, obviously), the total over-achievement of their result, and the highly charged political atmosphere for which their sporting endeavors became metaphor.