Rumspringa has sprung

For whatever reason, several of us at work are vaguely fascinated with the Amish rite of passage called Rumspringa. It seems to come up in conversation almost once a month -- especially between Matt and myself (usually referencing the documentary Devil's Playground, which I still haven't seen and which is probablty not exactly a representative depiction) -- so when Brandon saw this over the weekend he obviously had to pass it along: Amish woman looking for true love. - 22

Hi! I am a girl from a small town in Iowa, where I was raised Amish. I am currently on rumspringa, which is the time in every young person's life where he or she goes out into the English world to experience everything that is out there. The hope is that at the end of rumspringa, we will return to our communities and join the Amish church, but I'm still not sure if I'm ready for that! I really like living in a world with cars and electricity and computers!

I'm 22 years old and I like to go hiking and I love animals. I like listening to music because that's something else I could never do before, so it's very exciting! I'm looking for a guy who is honest and kind and good looking of course! I have blonde hair and I guess I'm cute and stuff, and I wear English clothes rather than Amish and I don't wear a bonnet or anything, I mean, I do sometimes but probably wouldn't if we went out!

This is just fascinating to me on so many levels...

At a very base and juvenile level, I think I just like how "rumspringa" (and the occasional wilding that goes along with it) reminds me of "Rump Shaker".