Mark Your Calendar

The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls are finally getting down to bidness:

Don't miss our first bout! July 16, 2005 Bladium Sports Center The Red Ridin' Hoods versus The Sugar Kill Gang

Matt tells me the Bladium stinks to high heaven, but I'm not positive that's going to be enough to dissuade me from persuing my first roller derby experience.

Meanwhile, Matt and I are already daydreaming about being roller derby emcees (since it doesn't look like our significant others are going to sign up to skate anytime soon... Boo!):

How can I help? Know a band who'll work gratis for one of our events or bouts? Got a neighbor who can donate chairs or beer? Have a rich uncle whose company would sponsor the Roller Girls? Wanna be a referee or MC? Feel the burning need to adopt a roller girl? E-mail And of course, you can always attend our events!