Hell in Your Living Room

I was talking to the brother-in-law, Chris, yesterday and he hits me with an incredibly disturbing recommendation: "You need to do me a favor -- and just try to trust me on this -- go get Karaoke Revolution for your Xbox." My reply? "Oh, hell no! You have to be kidding me." I begin to shiver as I flash back to my karaoke distaster from my bachelor party.

He continues his argument, though, telling me that "with a few friends you trust and enough alcohol it's about as much fun as you can have in your living room" (paraphrasing, of course).

I'm still not really that convinced, but it does seem to be the next big thing in gaming. The song list looks kind of hit or miss, though.

Besides, the key factor is the friends thing. Chris lives in LA: He has both gay friends and friends in the entertainment industry (with plenty of overlap, obviously). These are the types of people who would be willing to come over and be foolish without embarassment or reserve. My friends like to play poker, make snarky comments about movies, and listen to The Wife cuss like a sailor. I'm not convinced I could get Matt to belt out "Broken Wings" in my living room...

So, yeah, I'm on the fence on this one... And I'm only waffling because his description of "It's all Kate, Scot and I have been doing lately: Irish Car Bombs and karaoke" sounds like a ton of fun.