Another one?!

New Monkey Species With Goose-Like Call Discovered

The 3-foot-long tree-living animal with brown fur, a white belly and a punk-like crest of hair on its head has been called "kipunji" locally, and now has a scientific name: Lophocebus kupunji, or the highland mangabey. The animal may have eluded researchers for so long because it lives in high altitudes in the treetops and is generally a very quiet monkey.

When it does make a sound, however, it's a strange one. Davenport dubbed the male highland monkey's territorial call the "honk-bark."

"The honk part of the call sounds like a goose," Davenport explained, "and the bark part sounds like a dog. It's very unique for a monkey."

This is the latest in what seems like a rash of newly discovered monkey species over the past few years.

If you'll recall, the naming rights for one were auctioned off with the Golden Palace Casino winning with a bid of $650,000.