Jail Break!

Double your pleasure, double your fun: Monkey escapes from S.C. island laboratory

An escapee from Morgan Island has been captured in a tree in the backyard of a home on Lady's Island - about 7 miles away from where he was supposed to be.


"I have been here eight years and this is the first (escape) I can remember in the area," said Greg Westergaard, president and chief executive officer of Alpha Genesis. "I'm at a loss at how it got over there. They probably can swim a little bit, but it really is a long way over there."

A simian SEAL? Very, very bad news!


Monkeys escape from La. primate center

Officials captured 47 monkeys that had escaped from the Tulane Primate Center, but six remained on the loose Tuesday and seemed to be hiding out in a heavily wooded area near the site.

They claim none of these escapees are mutant super monkeys, but who's going to believe some talking head administrator of some mysterious primate center, eh? I mean, they learned how to open their own cages, right?