Monkey Maneuvers

A troop of Langur special forces are laying siege to an Indian military academy:

The simians have been making life difficult for the gentlemen cadets training at the academy. They have disrupted training exercises, broken window panes and pulled out plants in the academy’s manicured lawns. ‘‘They descend in groups and make a mess of everything,’’ say officials.

This sort of offensive against military forces can only be viewed as an escalation of hostilities.


Meanwhile in Huntington, WV, a "pet" monkey took a bite out of a 13-year-old girl:

The man said the monkey climbed upon his arm and shoulder and ran toward his daughter, jumping on her left leg. He said it bit her left kneecap, causing about a 1/2-inch cut. The monkey also reportedly bit the girl on her right hand ring finger.

Troubling times these be...