You're kidding, right?

Police fear retaliatory attack, vow crackdown on gangs

Police Chief Michael Chitwood said he is boosting patrols in anticipation of a retaliatory attack following the shooting Tuesday of a 58-year-old Denmark man at the Portland Tattoo Shop. The bullet grazed the victim's groin before passing through his leg.

Police believe the shooting was a premeditated attack by members of the Outlaws motorcycle gang on a group believed to be allied with Hell's Angels.

As H.B. says in the latest Soxaholix strip, "... motorcycle gangs? The Outlaws? The Hells Angels? Hello 1970!"

Seriously, though, once your "organization" has gone global enough to include a 58-year-old Dane as an associate, don't you think you should move on from shooting people and dealing meth? I mean, there's "keeping it old school" and "being in touch with your roots" and then there's "being stuck in the Stone Age"...