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DSW Data Theft Much Larger Than Estimated

DSW Shoe Warehouse said Monday that it has contact information for about half of those people and started sending letters notifying them of the thefts, which happened at 108 stores in 25 states between November and February. A list of the stores is available on the company's Web site.


Besides the credit card numbers, the thieves obtained driver's license numbers and checking account numbers from 96,000 transactions involving checks, the company said. Customer names, addresses and Social Security numbers were not stolen, DSW said.

Suck. I'm a total show whore, and I love me some DSW. This doesn't give me good feelings, though.

Luckily, we haven't seen any untoward activity on our credit cards. Judging from the DSW site, though, it looks like we should keep watching:

... if you shopped in one of the following stores between mid-November 2004 and mid-February 2005, and you used a credit card, debit card or check to pay for your purchase, your information was most likely included in the stolen information ...

Yep. We're on there.