Getting Lost at 10,000 Feet

Actually, it would be way higher than that, but whatever... Factor in the zoom. So, I mentioned the new satellite images incorporated into Google Maps. The new trend is to find cool stuff, demonstrate human impact on the world, or most fun of all, map out your childhood neighborhood.

I can't do it.

When I look at my old hometown in Tennessee, I get completely lost. I blame the fact that they don't have the resolution to support a close zoom. It sure is pretty with all that green, though.

But then, they do have fairly good resolution on the places I lived in Massachusetts. I recognize the area immediately surrounding the first house we had there. At first view, I could find any good landmarks, but on further review, I have since located the Quincy Quarries where Hanh and I (and others) used to go climbing (pretty sure that's them... they look strange, though) and the Barnes & Noble where we could go afterwards for mochas and backgammon. The B&N is also notable for being the place where I stalked wooed my wife. (Her house is in this shot.)

I was also able to locate my apartment in Framingham, MA, but there wasn't really much noteworthy in that area to look for... You can (and I did) follow Route 9 to anohter climbing spot, Hammond Pond. It was there that Miracle Ed "caught" Hanh in his arms (after effectively plucking him off the rock).

Good times.

I just wish there were better shots of Rogersville.

Bonus: The Wife's brother, Chris, and his girlfriend Kate just got a house right around here. We're dying to go see it.