More Chris Bourque

As my BU Ice Dogs get ready for Providence in the first round of the Hockey East playoffs, gives us a nice feature on our favorite feisty winger, Chris Bourque:Son burst: Once he arrived on scene at BU, it took Bourque no time to excel

Let the record show, too, that it was a certain winger who for years wore No. 8 for the Bruins who most captured the imagination of this Bourque's generation.

"Cam Neely was probably my favorite Bruin," said Chris. "He did everything. He fought. He scored. He killed people, the way he checked and fought. He set up goals and scored some others that were just unbelievable to watch. All in all, I'd say he was the perfect hockey player."

I knew I liked that kid.

Also, congratulations to Chris for his classic quote in response to the various taunts he receives due to his lineage: "I love it. Really, it's wicked funny, and when it's something new, that cracks me up."

Wicked funny...? That's pissah.