Wil Wheaton: Slightly less angry at the world

Or at least that's how I think the intrepid Mr. Wheaton comes across in this NYTimes article.

Viewers of tonight's episode of "CSI" may find Walter oddly familiar. Under the Hollywood dirt and scabs, the actor playing a drug-addicted murder suspect may bring to mind a teenage Starfleet officer, or a boy who once sought a corpse. That's because Walter is played by Wil Wheaton, once a wildly successful child actor who these days endures sometimes-painful lulls between gigs - and has, in response, transformed himself into a quirky star of the blogosphere.


  1. I hate the fact that the term "blogosphere" has made it this far into the public consciousness.
  2. Wil seemed pretty grumpy on the WPT Hollywood Home Game. I wonder if he really is that grouchy, or if he's just that acerbic... Or maybe LeVar Burton just put him off by acting like a pompous ass.
  3. Yeah, Wil's on CSI tonight. I really love that his role got upgraded based on his audition. Good job, Wil!