Good Music in Beantown

Hawaiian punch: Waitiki throws a Polynesian party to play the music of Juan Garcia Esquivel

Tonight at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, Waitiki is presenting a very special show, even by Waitiki standards. The group will swell to a 20-piece ensemble, dubbed Waitiki Orchestrotica, for a rare live performance of the ''supersonic space-age bachelor pad" sounds of the late Juan Garcia Esquivel, variously known as the King of Lounge, Mexico's Duke Ellington, and -- oxymoronic though it may sound -- an easy-listening innovator.

Fantasic. The music scene is one of the main things I miss about Boston. And you gotta love any band that travels with its own drink menu.

I wonder if/when Waitiki will have a disc out for us land-locked folks... Or if they will ever travel west of Pittsburg.