Oakland: Taste of fire sparks feeding frenzy

The experience produced a notable rush. Having eaten fire, I was surprised to find I was greedy for it. All of us were as we raced to dip our fire sticks in the instructor's martini shaker of Coleman camping fuel, and then crowded around the little votive candle that was our source of flame.

Man, I can't tell you how long I've been interested in fire eating and – more specifically – juggling fire. Hmm... I gotta get out my juggling clubs again sometime...

Here's the best part:

The office worker, John Sutton, 39, said he wanted to be the first in his group to eat fire. "I don't know anybody who does it," he said. "Guys who knit aren't edgy anymore."

Good to know. Suttons around the world just want to be cool, I guess.

Anyway, remember always: "Don't do more than one stupid thing at a time."