Exile's Disco 0-fer

Russell Mitchel of Exile Cycles has been on Discovery Channel's Biker Build-Off series, what... three times now? He's also lost out every time. The poor guy just can't get a break.

Granted, on the show last night, he build a friggin' trike. It was the coolest trike I'd ever seen, however. It was also technically very impressive. Those details and the fact that the bike the Detroit Brothers slapped together looked a mess (H referred to their glass oil pan as a "French coffee press".) gave him a fighting chance, I thought, but no.

Maybe it takes a very particular aesthetic to appreciate Russell's bikes, and most Americans just don't have it. Dunno.

At any rate, the guy still has people like George Clooney and Chris Cornell buying his bikes for buckets of cash, so we can't feel too badly for him, can we?

Me? I want something like a Sucker Punch Sally someday. (Like that'll ever happen...) I'm also a big fan of the Japanese-style choppers from Chica and Zero Engineering.