Tonight's Negroni #5: You guys are weird!

FYI: This is an archive of my Tonight's Negroni email newsletter.

And not just because you subscribe to the ramblings of someone crackpot who is willing to write over 1,000 words on the topic of internet-influenced patronage.

No, more because more than one of you accused me of having - somewhere in my hopes and dreams - the notion of opening a bar! I mean, come on! Do you even know me?

Psh. The only bar I need to manage is called "my kitchen" and the bottle maintenance involved in keeping reasonably full measures of interesting gin, whiskey, whisky, vermouths, amari, and so forth on the counter is plenty for me to deal with. I don't need the hassle of "serving customers" or "running the business" of a bar. Nope. I am content to remain an Expert Level Stay at Home Bartender™.

Which may actually become a thing... 

My friend Andrew started things off with the phrase "stay at home bartender" a while ago. It made us both giggle a lot, so I registered some domains and whatnot. At some point we might make it yet another cocktail blog, or we might make it something else. I kinda really want to make t-shirts, at least. 

We'll see. 

In the mean time, the twitter users among you might follow @athomebartender (which is mostly me retweeting me, but hopefully won't stay that way). I was also going to suggest using the #SAHBU (that's for Stay At Home Bartenders Union) hashtag if you tweet about cocktails you make at home, but this SAHBU seems a bit more worthy... Maybe #AtHomeBar? Not sure. I need to workshop it a bit. Hit me up with suggestions.


Anyway, it's Monday night and I'm keeping my drink simple. Yes even more simple than the stupid-easy Negroni, but no less glorious:

This stuff is amazing. It's the spice of Vya sweet vermouth turned up to eleven with the richness and roundness of Carpano Antica Formula.

Just wow.

They call it "luxurious vermouth", which is hilarious, but I'm willing to work with it. I had a Negroni with this vermouth last night and referred to it as The Most Luxurious Negroni

It's good to treat yourself now and again.


Insider tip for my Denver friends: [Redacted because I don't want to cause trouble for friends applying for liquor licenses.]