The Foul-Mouthed Cook's Guide to: Goat Stock

First, realize that goat is fucking delicious, so stop making that stupid face and read on for some guidelines for making some seriously tasty goddamn stock. (Also, don't bother reading this if you don't like cussing, because I feel like cussing. A lot.)

With that out of the way, here's how you get this shit done:

  1. Get a bag of goat bones. (I ordered a half a fucking goat so it came with a package of trimmed bones and shit. That's fucking awesome.)
  2. Roast the shit out of those bones. (Like 400 degrees F or even 450. Flip the cocksuckers every once in a while, too.)
  3. Turn on the broiler for a bit just to really show those bones who's the fucking boss.
  4. Get a big-ass pot on the motherfucking stove.
  5. Throw in some onion chunks, a couple of garlic cloves (bash the shit out of them first), some celery, and some bell peppers. Or whatever the fuck you want, I don't fucking care.
  6. Saute that shit on a hot fucking burner. You want to build up a serious goddamn fonde.
  7. Add some motherfucking spices and shit. (Lots of salt, pepper, bay leaves, thyme, herbs de Provence, whatever the fuck.)
  8. Put the fucking bones in the fucking pot(s).
  9. Add a bunch of water to that shit.
  10. Bring it to a goddamned boil. It's gonna look like this -- you might get a fucking hard-on, so be careful.
  11. Turn it the fuck down and put a fucking lid on it.
  12. Leave it the fuck alone for a good long while.
  13. Strain out all the dead shit and try to skim most of the fucking fat off.
  14. Ta-da. You make some stock that'll make your mom want to punch you in the dick.