The Almost-Annual LA Road Trip

Tomorrow the Wife and I will hop in the Honda and head West-by-Southwest to the Hollywood hills to see her brother and his lady friend. We're extra excited because it's been a couple years between visits, since we hit Portland instead last year. We don't really have any plans for while we're there. We generally play these things by ear. We do have a couple things that should occupy our time:

  • The boy's birthday shindig on Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  • The Wife wants to hit Ripley's and the wax museum while we're there.
  • There's a slim chance I might get to bump into an old friend from from way back in my Tennessee days while we're both in LA. That would be interesting for sure.

Oh and the usual imbibing and staying up late and whatnot.

It's always fun.

If you're interested, you can probably keep track of us on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and all the "web 2.0 social networking" crap like that.

PS: In case there are any internet stalkerati out there: No, our house is not vacant, so buzz off. ;)