What's That in Your Ear?

Note: I've been thinking about music a lot lately. This might not be the only post on the subject... I love geeking out over my last.fm stats. I play my ipod all the damned time, and I have been "scrobbling" my tracks to last.fm since 06/06/2006 (awesome date, eh?). Anyway, I felt like doing some musical naval gazing. Perhaps the folks out there (all four of you?) will chime in with some music they are loving right now...

I pay way too much attention to my artists rankings, I'm sure, but it's something fun for me and it keeps me listening to music, which is a good thing, if you ask me. As an example, and to get the topic of conversation started, take a look at my top artist list for the last week:

My top artists list for the last week

Some highlights and reasons behind the list:

That's the stuff I've been playing a lot recently, then. There's also a very long tail to this chart because a lot of the time I just play a playlist I have set up called "Been a Long Time" which is automatically filled with music I haven't played in the last 3 months. That playlist -- or my "The Best Stuff" playlist featuring 5-star tracks -- is probably responsible for some of the Tom Waits tracks, actually.

So what's the longer picture? Let's look at the past six months:

My top artists list for the last 6 months

I'll be honest, things start getting a little watered down at this point. I have several stand-by artists and playlists for bed time listening and a lot of them top the charts in the long run.

And finally, let's check the overall picture since the middle of 2006:

My top artists list for since 06/06/2006

Some of these (The Innocence Mission (Amz) in particular) are definitely over-inflated due to the bed time effect, but I actually tend to and fiddle with this chart occasionally by playing an artist I feel deserves to be higher on the list, etc.

Tom Waits, Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan, Luna (Amz), Van Morrison, Pixies (Amz), Buffalo Tom (Amz), Townes Van Zandt and Leonard Cohen are legitimate favorites of mine. I really know their music. The others are maybe not the intimate favorites the others are, but they are definitely favorites.

What are your favorites? Right now or all-time, let me know. I'm curious.