Monkeys and Robots

First the monkeys: Yes, it's been a while since much of anything happened here, but more importantly it's been a long whiles since we've had any updates on the Monkey Revolution.

To help remedy this sad state of affairs, I have set up a new Twitter account: @simianista. On this, I shall endeavor to post short updates whenever a notice suspicious activity from our tree-born cousins.

Then the robots come in:

In theory, I have it set up so that a daily digest of @simianista activity will appear right here in this blog. Which will, again in theory, update my own @jakesutton Twitter account, which might even update my Facebook wall.

It's all terribly complex, you wouldn't understand. Just trust in the fact that I am here to help you stay aware in the latest developments in the rising primate insurgency.

Stay alert and hide your bananas.